Friday, March 5, 2010

about Compost Iqaluit - a part of the Bill Mackenzie Humanitarian Society

The Bill Mackenzie Humanitarian Society

The Bill Mackenzie Humanitarian Society is a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for Nunavummiut. One of our primary goals is to promote and implement responsible waste management practices for Iqaluit. We develop and advance initiatives that:

Foster civic pride;
Encourage community involvement;
Are environmentally and economically responsible;
Work to beautify our City, and
Enhance our way of life.

Who was Bill Mackenzie?

Bill Mackenzie was a long term resident of Iqaluit who passed away in 2001. A man with a proud Scottish heritage was well known and loved throughout Nunavut. He was a strong proponent of responsible waste management practices.

How We Are Succeeding !

Our Society can now make a direct connection between responsible waste management practices, City beautification or the lack thereof, and the social well being of our community. Our compost pilot program has clearly illustrated its economic viability, its potential value to beautify our City , impact the price of food and perhaps most importantly inhance the civic pride of our citizens.

We have initiated a number of community-based projects involving compost enriched local soils to grow flowers, local plants and vegetables. These projects first designed specifically for our Elders have clearly demonstrated how individual empowerment, community involvement and pride, can be enhanced by these activities. We believe similar projects designed to promote the “Greening” of Iqaluit and involving local people, particularly those at risk, will not only save the City landfill space and money, improve our community’s appearance but will cultivate in those participating a sense of belonging, a strong connection to the community, new feelings of self worth, and personal pride.

Composting our food waste is a simple way for families to reduce their carbon footprint. The scientific community estimates the methane produced by the anaerobic decomposition of organic waste in landfills amounts to 4% of the greenhouse gasses produced in North America. Composting is therefore an opportunity for all northerners to take some responsibility in protecting the environment. BMHS is proud to offer this service to our fellow Iqaluimuit

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